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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Woo Hoo!!! 100 Followers AND 50 posts!

What a great day - I have reached 100 followers (thank you everyone) and made 50 posts.  Who knew when I started this blog that so many of you would find it interesting enough to give up your own precious time to actually read it!

I am working on a giveaway to celebrate and will be posting details about this shortly - I hope you all enter.  This is just a really short post to say thank you to everyone who is joining me on this journey and for all the wonderful comments.  It is great to know that I'm really not just talking to myself....  (well, not any more than I usually do!)

I am still a long way behind many of the great bloggers out there but I am still going to be celebrating... (so there!!)


  1. What a great achievement.Well done!

  2. WELL DONE!!!

    I hope I can get a following like that one day! You must be pretty bloomin' chuffed.

    *hugz all round*

  3. Well done you! That is a really good achievement!


  4. It must feel great to pass the BIG 100 mark, Well done Ali x


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