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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Handmade Monday #9

Well its that time of the week again - courtesy of Wendy at 1st Unique Gifts, there are another batch of great crafters sharing their 'Handmade Monday' blog posts.    Yes, I know I am writing this on Sunday but I decided to get in early for a change...   I have a busy time ahead with some big fairs coming up - including the wonderful venue of Lancing College in a couple of weeks.

Today I have been at a monthly one day fair at Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre in Gillingham, Kent and was pleasantly surprised by the number of people after a particularly disappointing time at the same venue a month ago.  It is such a hit & miss game this!!  Of course, not everyone was buying but it always makes for a happier day when there are people around - any venue feels very big and lonely without the buzz of people.

Our location in the centre is under a glass roof so we definitely had a sympathetic affinity to all those little seedlings and saplings currently sweating their little roots off in greenhouses up and down the land!

I was pleased to find that my new designs were popular today (guess I have more to make this week) and a couple of them have been ordered in different colours for a truly bespoke design

Tea Roses

Maine Coon Cat

One thing I really love about making everything from scratch is that you don't limit your customer's imaginations or force them to settle for something which is 'almost' what they are looking for.

So if you are looking for that special gift either for a friend, loved one or yourself, you can order a design in your own choice of colours at anytime by visiting the online shop at  Ali's Craft Studio    The new designs are still to be added to the site but if you would like anything featured in my blog posts and can't find it currently online, please do not hesitate to contact me directly
The sun was out and with the start of British Summer Time there was a happier feeling all around (despite losing an hours sleep this morning - when the usual stupid o'clock turned into are-you-kidding-me o'clock!!)

Bed is calling now so I'm off to try to recoup that missing hour of beauty sleep from this morning (believe me I need it!!)
Falling Asleep
Night All!


  1. Congratulations on your show Ali, maybe things are turning around and the good weather cannot hurt.

  2. Your stained glass pics are gorgeous as usual, Ali!

    Thanks for taking part in HM x

  3. Glad to hear you had a good fair, lets hope the nice weather stays and helps to bring people out. Your glass pieces are gorgeous, love the cat one especially.
    Hugs Sue x

  4. Glad you had a good day :)

  5. Hi Ali,
    These designs are beautiful as always, glad your fair was good at the weekend.
    I might just be popping along to Lancing Crafts to buy rather than display. If I do I'll have to come over and say hi!
    Rebecca x

  6. Thanks everyone.

    Would be great to meet you Rebecca if you come to Lancing. Hubby and I will be busy working the stall (hopefully!) in one of the side classrooms.

  7. Love the Maine Coon Cat design, colours are great!

  8. Love the cat - the background is particularly appealing! Nancy

  9. Also a fan of the Cat design.. just lovely!! Glad to hear things picked up at the fair - great stuff!!

  10. Glad you had a good fair. I think the good weather helped a bit this weekend. Lots of people out and about. I love the Maine Cat

  11. Nice to hear the fair wasn't a bust. And as usual I love your designs. I'm sticking my hand in the air for the cat one!

  12. The Maine Coon cat certainly is popular and I am making more for ready for the shows coming up.

    Kat - enter my blog giveaway and you may be lucky enough to win your choice of design. Only three more days left to enter!

  13. It's amazing how cat products are always the most popular. So glad you had a good event Ali, makes it all worth while. I feel tired from losing an hour and i didnt even have to get up at stupid o'clock!! Hope you've caught up today on sleep x

  14. Beautiful work - I'm very jealous as always! I love the roses - they're really stunning xx

  15. Good luck with all the fairs you have coming up. I am sure you will do extremely well x

  16. Stained glass and sunshine go so well together :o)

    Jan x

  17. I decided not to do any Craft Fairs this year as not many shoppers were spending last year BUT I hope I have made a mistake and that you (and all others) have a very busy and prosperous year.
    Your work is fab as always.

  18. Love the stained glass but as with all the others the Main Coon cat is my favourite.


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