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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Time is Marching on...

Ha Ha - geddit Marching on!!   Can you believe that it is March already??

I have to admit that I am kind of glad to see the back of February.   I don't do many fairs and shows at this time of year and both the ones I have attended in the last month have not been good as far as sales go.   I do still enjoy being out and about and speaking to customers but it is a very long day when the buyers just aren't there.  Fortunately, online sales have been better and I still get a real thrill and do a happy dance when a new order arrives.  I hope this thrill never goes away!

So, goodbye February and Hello March!   Again, I am not busy on the fairs front this month with just the two booked but am certainly not twiddling my thumbs.   I have been developing some new design and colour ideas including these which are a new twist on three already popular designs:


Yep, they all glow in the dark!   They are so much fun and great for kids rooms.  I have been slightly obsessed (or is it sad!?) with taking them into a dark room to get them to light up so I can only imagine how great they will be for the younger members of the family when the lights go out at night.

They glow for approximately one hour and then 'recharge' themselves during the next exposure to light.   All can be found in the new 'Glow in the Dark' shop section at Ali's Craft Studio.  I hope to add to the range in the future so if there is anything you would like to see in the glow in the dark series, please let me know.

I have also had some wonderful feedback regarding the new Butterfly Spray featured in the last post.  I am pleased to say that this is now available online and currently in four different colour options (Rainbow and Pink/Purple shown below).  I can make these in any colour combination required - great to introduce your favourite colours into a room.

So, for all you butterfly lovers out there - these are a lovely addition to your home decor and look equally beautiful on windows and mirrors.

The quieter months at the beginning of the year are ideal for me to build up plenty of stock ready for the Spring.

Not that it feels very spring-like at the moment - it is really cold today, the cats are indoors (and they are wearing fur coats so what hope do I have?)    Perhaps the weather gods have been caught out by how quickly time is zipping by too...  I have been resisting putting the heating on during the day but may have to succumb to the lure of the thermostat today - I just can't get warm today and feel a little silly putting a coat and scarf on in the house!

So, time is flying by and with some big shows looming on the horizon, I must fly too - happy crafting and keep warm folks!!


  1. Hi Ali,

    Just to let you know I've awarded you a Stylish Blogger Award, and your blog is now mentioned in my blog!

    If you go to www.clairemanwani.com, my last 2 posts on the blog page explain it all.


  2. Hi ali! Really loving the glow in the dark range.:)

  3. Lovely new items there Ali you have been busy. Turned much colder today, my boiler is broke so I dont have any heating (or hot water)even the dogs are all huddled up today.


  4. Thank you ladies!

    Claire - Thank you so much for your nomination. I have added your site to my Stylish Blogger Award side link.

    CJ - I have had so much fun playing with the Glow in the Dark stuff, I feel like a kid again!

    Lynda - Ooh, hope you get your boiler fixed soon! It is warming up a bit but not enough yet!!


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