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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Great Feature, Great Blog - Really short post!

A really short post from me today (yes, I know this is unusual!!)  but I wanted to let you know that I am so pleased to have recently been featured on the blog of a wonderfully talented crafter - Charlotte Hupfield of Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics.

Charlotte was kind enough to do a series of interviews with other crafters and my one is featured here.  When you have read my feature, please do have a look around the blog at Charlotte's work.

I will do some more posts shortly on the feature in ABC magazine, my 'almost' interview with BBC Radio Kent and freezing my wotsits off on Bromley High Street so watch this space....

Sorry for the teaser but I have to run now as I have a ton of orders from this weekend for designs purchased as Christmas gifts so need to get these started so that they can be delivered in plenty of time!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Brrr - If this is Autumn, I don't want Winter!

How bizarre is the weather at the moment?   From mild, almost summer-like days everything has suddenly flipped and now it feels like the middle of winter.  Having just watched the horror weather forecast, the talk of 80mph winds due tomorrow and torrential rain is not making me feel much better!!

Last weekend, we were at a fair at the old Fort Purbrook in Portsmouth - a wonderful old building with views to die for but unfortunately past experience has shown us that warmth and heat weren't top of the agenda when it was originally built (they were also sadly lacking in forward thinking and the signal for mobile phones and chip & pin machines is quite frankly shocking!!)

So, dressed like Nanuck of the North with thermal leggings, vest and socks, long sleeve t-shirt (as opposed to the short sleeved one which is normally favoured at shows), thick trousers,  two coats, scarf, gloves - you name it, I was ready to face the worst it could throw at me!  And, I am pleased to say...  I was baking!!  We were placed in a slightly different location to normal and the room was much warmer due to more efficient heaters and assisted by strong sunshine beating through the window throughout the weekend.  I ended up de-layering throughout the course of the day and scratching my head at the absurdities of the British weather!

I am pleased to say that it stayed dry so the visitors came along and once again I was really pleased to see some previous customers along with many more new ones.   Lots of people were buying items as gifts as well as their Christmas Decorations which again highlighted the difficulties of knowing what needs to be made each week.  (Must remember to write 'Crystal Ball' on the top of my list to Santa this Christmas!)

So, as we are halfway through another week, don't forget to head over to http://www.studiocrafts.net/ to get your Santas, Snowmen, Nativity Scenes, Wreaths and all kinds of Christmas decorations as well as some really unique and affordable gifts for your friends and loved ones.  I will resist the temptation to tell you how many sleeps there are left until Christmas Day but it is pretty scary.... (and exciting - I love Christmas!!)

For full details of where you can see us between now and our final show before Christmas (which is on December 17th at Bromley Market), please head along to the events page.

Piggies on Sleigh - a fun Christmas decoration!
Who says, you have stick to the norm?