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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Standoff at Kitty Corale...

This morning was coooold - heavy frost on the ground and no signs of the end of Winter any time soon (isn't it the official start of Spring at the end of this month??) 

However, due to permanent fur coat wearing, kitty cats do not feel the cold in the same way as I do so were they happy to stay in the super warm house?  Of course not!

"Let me sit in the shade - this fur coat is hot stuff!"
Well, today they had to think twice - a large, brutish-looking black and white cat from the neighbourhood decided that their garden looked kind of cosy!   Cue the standoff at Kitty Corale!  (Photo above shows a cat 'on guard duty')

Is is a bird, is it a plane?
The noise that comes out of a cat who feels under threat is quite amazing - something between a dog and a drill!   Misty (female cat) sensibly left her brother to defend their territory and a mega-staring contest began.  Neither looked like backing down so before things got any worse, Supermummy (me) stepped in and sent B&W moggy packing (poor thing - it probably only wanted to be friendly and say Hello!) 

Blinky (male cat) felt very proud of himself as he obviously felt that he was backing me up and was the sole reason that moggy thought twice and has proceeded to strut his stuff all morning up and down the living room (note, he is now quite happy to have the door closed!) up until the point that he felt that the space under the bed was at risk and retreated to 'protect' it. (hmmm!)

I love how animals have such great personalities and I know that I am not alone amongst animal owners that the cats and I have some great conversations!   Apologies to everyone who doesn't own or maybe even like animals - well done for getting this far through what must be a really boring post!!  (Give yourself a biscuit)

As I write this, Hubby is on his way home so that I can return an engraving tool I purchased from Hobbycraft's online shop which worked for around 5 minutes then broke completely.  (Any excuse for a trip to a craft store!) 

I have thinking about creating some engraved versions of my Kanji Keyrings and after a bit of practice (especially with the lettering!) I was just getting the hang of it when the equipment died. 

Now I am not sure whether to replace it or see it as a sign that I should abandon the idea for a while.   I have to admit that I was already struggling to work out how to photograph and display the engraved keyrings as the detail doesn't show up as much as the painted ones as seen here.

Anyway, that was my day - how was yours?


  1. Hehe was it the strenght keyring you were making whilst it broke?
    they are lovely you should keep making them :)
    LOL at the cats.. they make me laugh so much, i can picture thew whole scene. and you cat strutting around after thinking he's 'the man' (cat) lol xx

  2. Actually, it was the strength keyring I was making! I never thought of that!!

    Been to Hobbycraft and they don't have a suitable replacement so I guess engraving is on hold for now. I will keep making the coloured ones though so I guess all is not lost...

  3. That noise cats make used to scare me to death when I was little- I would think there was a ghost in the garden. :) The key rings are lovely, I'd keep making them. :)

  4. The noise cats make when they moan or fight is very reminiscent of babies. We have a lot of cats around here, and when they kick off in the middle of the night it sends shivers down my spine.

  5. I remember waking up in the middle of the night to that noise as another cat had come in the cat flap and my cat was not happy!!!


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