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Monday, 21 March 2011

Handmade Monday

Well, here we are - Monday again!  Wow this week has flown by!! 

This week has been really busy with a large order to work on as well as lots of new stock and designs to get together before my craft fair season really starts with a vengeance next week!

So, this week has been dominated by animals which are always really popular.  A few of my favourites from this week are:
Siamese Cats

Bassett Hound

Horse and Foal
I have another week to get as many new peelable decorations made so I can't see the workload letting up anytime soon.   Not only do I have to finish making these, I also have to photograph, package, measure up and put all these on the website too.  (A crafter's work is never done...)

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  1. Ali, these are all really gorgeous. I know what you say about the workload - the making is only half the picture. I think half of each day is spent on packing, admin, website, photography, blogging, etc.
    Thanks for taking part in HM x

  2. Oh the Siamese cats are adorable. You certainly keep busy Ali...your website alone is a lot to look after.

  3. Love the siamese they are so sweet, crafting is a job never done but you have fun getting there

  4. Thanks everyone, I really am pleased how the Siamese cats have come out - I always had problems getting the colours right but have found the right combination at last I think!

    Admin and packaging is such a massive job and I really have loads to get updated on the website now so I can see a few late nights in front of the telly with the laptop on me knee coming up!

  5. Wow Ali, these are fantastic, I love the siamese cats, we used to have 3, defo my favorite. Hugs Sue x

  6. These are really beautiful - I love the cats. Hope I can use outliner as neatly as you one day :) xx

  7. I love the bassett hound, looks great. I admire the way you do it all, wish i could get round to sorting out a website, there just never seems the time to do it all.

  8. I agree packaging and admin is really time consuming. I've taught my mum to package my keyrings lol! Love the horse & foal :)

  9. These are lovely - and it sounds as though you are very busy. Hope the season of craft fairs will be good to you.
    Rebecca XX

  10. The basset hound is my fav. Why does admin, websites etc take up so much time? Mind you spending lots of time on the craft forum doesn't help either. Good luck with the fairs.

  11. I love your work.....you're really clever
    Good luck with your fairs xx

  12. The basset hound is great too :-) I also spend at least a few hours a day doing paperwork and admin . . I need an unpaid assistant ! Oh WAIT - i have one - I am married to him ! :-)

    Pop over to my blog www.silverthistlebeads.com/blog/ for my Handmade Monday post :-)

    Francesca x

  13. I love the Bassett - such a character! Nancy

  14. Love the cats :) soooo cute.

    Kimberley xx

    P.s thanks for leaving the lovely comment on my blog..will keep you updated on headband :)

  15. ooo an assistant! What a lovely idea...perhaps I'll pay them with cake and fabric scraps ;)

    I really love the foal, beautiful!


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