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Monday, 6 February 2012

Customer Requests & Happy Birthday Handmade Monday

Firstly, my congratulations to Wendy at 1st Unique Gifts who, despite having a year in 2011 which was so busy it would have killed many of us off (or at the very least put us into a mild coma during the run up to Christmas!), has managed every week to host Handmade Monday which is a year old!   If you haven't seen this before, it has links to blogs of  some of the most amazingly talented crafters who talk about what they have been working on during the previous week.  You should really check it out   Wendy, you are an inspiration and a star!!

Anyway, better get on with this post...

Remember the front door I blogged about last time?  Well I now have the second lot of photos showing the final result with the addition of some small flowers to fill in some of the additional clear space:

Daytime - with blue flowers added
At night - everything still looks beautiful!
 It is so wonderful when a customer takes the time to send photos like these as not only does it show future customers some ideas (I have already sold another of these large central designs) but I really love to see my work in the place it has been purchased for.

Last weekend was my first show of the year and I am pleased to say that we had a great day - not loads of customers but those who were there had either come to see us specifically (which is wonderful) or were in a spending mood (which is equally wonderful!).  It was very cold but I am extremely grateful that it wasn't due to take place today as there is no way we would have got there - yes, the snow is back!  Not as bad as last year but bad enough that Hubby couldn't go to work (not that I suspect there would have been many people about anyway even if he did!)

After the let down of last year's feeble takings at fairs in February, I made the decision not to do any this month which gives me the opportunity to build back up the stock levels and make up some new designs.   It has been slow going so far (always difficult to get fully back up to speed after the Christmas break) but I have some exciting new things planned which I will share over the coming posts.

One of the first new things I have made is a different kind of Chinese Dragon (after the other one was so popular) - this one is slightly smaller and horizontal so would work really well across the bottom of a window or mirror and can be made in any colour(s) you require.
It isn't yet on the website - I hope to add this and a couple of other new things sometime this week - but if you are interested, it is £8.99 + postage and you can order one directly from me - drop me an e-mail or give me a call!

I have also had a request from a customer who has already bought a small red rose and thistle from me and was looking to complete the set with a daffodil and shamrock in the same size.

Well these are winging their way to her today:
I love making designs to a customer's requirements and these will also be added to my stock designs shortly.

Apologies that this post is very late - today really has just flown by and I don't feel like I have achieved anything! Although that isn't strictly true - I posted a load of customer orders this morning along with a bunch of booking forms for craft fairs - with cheques adding up to a silly amount! (shudder...) Must try to get something less painful finished this evening to take my mind off that!  My 2012 fair calendar is booking up nicely now although I still have to add in my Bromley market dates as and when I get them booked...

Have a great week - keep warm & hope that nasty snow has nearly all gone where you are (fortunately it has nearly all melted here, just the few stubborn bits clinging on for dear life here and there!)


  1. Gorgeous dragons Ali - love the red one. The pics of your customer's display looks so lovely - I can imagine it would look great when the sun comes shining through. The daffodil is very pretty - roll on spring. Really glad your first event of 2012 went well - first of many I am sure. Hope you have a good week.

  2. Aww, stop it Ali, you'll have me blushing! Thanks for your kind words though!! The door pics are great and really show off the design. How lovely of the customer to take daytime and nighttime photos too! And those dragons are fab!! x

    1. You know you deserve it!

      I really love to see the pieces in their new homes - much nicer than always photographing them on my front door!

      Thanks for your comments.

  3. The door pics are great. Was super that the customer sent you pictures. It is better to see how it actually looks in the place it was bought for - and if they are sending you pics they are really happy! Mich x

  4. The door photos look amazing, especially at night. I'm glad the show went well, fingers crossed the rest of them will be even better. Onwards and upwards. x

  5. I know how you feel about the days flying by. Roll on Spring I say! I always feel like I am much more productive when the days are longer and lighter. Right now I just want to hibernate until the cold and grey disappears!

  6. Really love the dragon, very very pretty. Also the daffodil, one of my very favorite flowers! Those photos were beautiful, that was so nice to see your work in place!

  7. Wow the door window is amazing, well done and what an advertisement as always out there and think you got paid for it instead of paying out. Good luck with the fairs third year think we all suffered last year. Love the new commissions

  8. That's a gorgeous door-I love that glass!

  9. Love the dragons Ali and good luck with this years shows!

    Kim x

  10. Firstly I concur - Thankyou Wendy.
    Secondly that door looks fab. As you say a little imagination can go a long way. Its a fantastic idea, I wish I had a suitale window I could decorate.

  11. The small flowers finish the door off lovely, it looks just as good at night as it does in the daylight.
    A good idea doing the dragons horizontally as well as vertical and the colours are jewel like.
    Thank you for popping over to my blog, it's always great to get lovely comments.

    Have a good week

    Jan x

  12. These are some lovely designs! I really love the shamrock, simple but striking. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  13. These are lovely, especially the dragons!


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