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Monday, 23 January 2012

Handmade Monday : Year of the Dragon

Happy Chinese New Year everyone.   OK, OK, I realise that the majority of us probably don't celebrate this but any excuse for a party right!?  Well, maybe not but as it is the Year of the Dragon I am wondering if my Chinese Dragon design will become a best seller this year...   They are already very popular but it will be interesting to see if sales go up
It never ceases to amaze me what designs are popular, especially with the kids - this one really seems to grab their attention possibly because the colours are so bright - I have five different colour options at the moment and have to admit my favourites are the green (above) and the red one (below)
There are other dragons for those who are feeling a little less fiery and fierce one of which is the really popular Cute Dragon (again available in different colours)  How sweet and innocent is that face?!
Anyway, enough with dragons and onto Handmade Monday (#50!  Can you believe it - where has the time gone!!)  Well, I haven't been slacking this week but I don't actually have photos yet of the new designs I have been developing (one is another dragon...)

However, I have had a great feedback from the customer who bought the large oval design for her beautiful front door - she has ordered some additional flowers to fill some of the 'gaps' top and bottom but I am sure you will agree the finished result is very effective.

Before - a beautiful front door but not much privacy
After (part 1) - Oval peelable decoration blends in well
I will let you see the finished result once the extra flowers have been added into the corners (assuming I get a new photo) but I think this works really well and adds some privacy without obscuring the view completely.

Hope you have had a good weekend - off into the studio to start creating as much new stock as possible (now I have joined Twitter it seems to be taking over my life!!)  I have my first fair of 2012 at Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre (AKA 'The Greenhouse'!!) on Sunday so need to get my head back into 'craft fair' mode!   It is always fun on that first one after a long break - hubby & I just stare at the space for ages trying to remember what goes where!!  Do come along to say hello and see my new designs if you are in the area & have a great week.

Urrggh - Just remembered, we put loads of my display stuff up in the attic over Christmas - time to climb up there and get it all down again & then have to pack everything in the car this week ready for Sunday!   Now, where does everything go????  (If you haven't seen us in person, we are famous - or infamous - amongst crafting friends for our ability to fit a copious amount of stuff into a very small car - thinking of renaming it the 'TARDIS')


  1. Oh wow, gorgeous dragons - but have to admit I love the last one, he is cute. Know what you mean about needing a Tardis - I have always fancied being able to shrink everything I need for an event and then when I get to the event spray something magic over it and it all gets to be normal size. Hope your event goes well and you have a good week.

  2. Love your dragons and not surprised they are popular. My car is also known as a Tardis - people's jaws drop in amazement when they see what I drive and what actually goes in there. It's amazing what will fit when you put your mind to it! Enjoy the shows, hope they're good ones x

  3. Anything dragon is find and dandy by me. If I could I would have at least one as a pet. The whole reality thing keeps getting in my way though ;)

  4. The dragons are so sweet but that window, wow absolutely stunning

    1. Thanks, I'm really pleased with it and the customer is thrilled (which is the main point!)

  5. I have a new found love for dragons lately and that cute dragon just made my heart melt. The door window looks really good and how nice of the customer to send you photos of it. Good luck with the show. x

  6. fiery dragons are fab love the bright colours and the little green dragon is the cutest. It's always nice when customers send photographs of items they've bought and used.

  7. The flower design for the door is so clever, it works really well. Great dragons too, isn't it funny how people have such a strong affection for scary things :)

  8. Was waiting to see your front door pic. It blends into the design that is already there perfectly. You have the blue spot on. Our house is quite unique in build. Looks like a granny annex but in fact it is a 3 double bedroomed. Next door which is the same have named theirs 'The Tardis'. Think I like the red dragon the best. Hugs Mrs A.

  9. Love your dragons, and it's wise to go with what will probably be a good seller this year. Love the flower on the window, that turned out very nicely!

  10. Amazing dragons. Can't decide which one I like more - the red or the green, hmmmmmm.

  11. Great dragons Ali, I love the vibrancy of the colours and that 'ickle one is a cutable peelable.

    Oooopps, that reminds me, I have an email to send off re a fair, thanks ;)

    Jan x

  12. The door looks great! Such a good idea for more privacy. Mich x

  13. Aww i want that cute dragon his eyes melt me!!

    Kim xx

  14. LOL that cute dragon is adorable! I'd love to have him on my door! x


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