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Saturday, 11 February 2012

A Review - Zazu Jewellery Cards

This post is a little different to my normal ones.  It infact isn't about my work or company at all.   As you will know, I joined the social networking set recently and through this I saw a request from Chloe of Zazu Jewellery for a review of her cards.  One of the things I love about the crafting community is there is a real comraderie and I was more than happy to help.

I used to make cards myself and still have an interest in the latest styles so my expectations were in line with the many card stalls I come across at fairs including the multitude of crafters who seem to be selling photographic images made up into cards.  However, I was in for a surprise.  I thought I had pretty much seen every style but these are so different, I was smiling broadly just taking them out of the package!

Beautifully presented with jewel-coloured envelopes these cards are a joyful mix of photographs of jewellers beads displayed in different patterns.  The photography is exceptionally clear and the colours gorgeous.  Let me show you some examples (starting with my favourite!):

What isn't easy to see from these photos is that the present and balloons are made up of teeny tiny beads.  I haven't seen anything like these before - it is so effective and the above pictures don't do justice to the  clarity of the colours.   All the cards are left blank so ideal for any occasion as you can write in your own message and cost just £1.80 each.

But, my package didn't end with the cards.  Also enclosed were some packs of 4 notecards with envelopes.  Again, using the same style as the cards, these are great for those occasions when you just want to send a little something but don't actually need a greeting card.
I received these four different styles and I have a real soft spot for the Union Flag one but all are stunning and at just £2.50 for four, they are well within every budget.

To sum up, I would say these cards & note cards are simple but extremely effective.  I defy any recipient not to take an extra moment to stop and admire them - probably with a smile on their face!

There is a wide range of stockists:
Chloe's website http://www.zazu-jewellery.co.uk/
Studio 61 near Matlock http://www.studio61gallery.co.uk/
The Gift Gallery in York http://www.giftgalleryyork.co.uk
Amelia's Wardrobe in Guernsey http://www.ameliaswardrobe.co.uk/
Goldstraws in Warwick http://www.goldstraws.org.uk/


  1. I had seen the balloon and parcel one before and admired them then, Can't remember where but it may have been on her blog. Such a lot of time and patience to achieve that effect. I wish her all the success in the world.

  2. Great review Ali and it is lovely to see another crafters work like that; you should do more reviews because it was a great read!

    Lovely cards as well and such a lot of work has gone into them for that price.


  3. That first card really caught my attention. I am amazed at how folk keep coming up with interesting and new ideas.

    It is good to hear there is a growing community of crafters and artists out there. Sometimes it pays to work with others, or even to know you are not the only one sat alone working with just the radio and the dog!

  4. As you say, Ali, the crafting community are supportive and very generous with their help, so it is lovely to see a review of a fellow crafts-person's work. Well done, it is very interesting. Chloe's cards are really gorgeous and such a great way to combine jewellery and cards into beautiful pieces of work. Well done Chloe.

  5. Thank you all ever so much for your lovely comments and thank you Ali for the review. I am so pleased you all like the cards. There are more designs on their way!


  6. Hello Ali

    I have just popped by to award you 'The Liebster Award' - see my blog for further details


  7. Hey - poke poke - I've just awarded you with the Liebster Blog Award! Check out my post to get the low down!


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