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Friday, 20 May 2011

On to the next!

Time, I think, to put last week's debarcle* behind us and get on with looking forward to the next batch of fairs and market dates...

* For those who are wondering, I sent a very long (but hopefully constructive) e-mail to the organisers of last weekend's show (and you thought the blog post was long - it was nothing compared to what I sent to them!!) and have had a response back from them. I am pleased that they have actually bothered to acknowledge all the negative comments they received (not all organisers do) and taken the time to address what they felt were the most common complaints from exhibitors. For obvious reasons, I will not go into details what their specific response to me was but I now consider the whole subject to be dealt with and finished, hopefully never to be repeated again!

So, moving on, what is next on the agenda? Tomorrow I am back at Bromley Market and the weather is forecast to be sunny and, most importantly for this market, the wind is due to be light! Hopefully people will be out in force, newly paid and ready to enjoy more of the sunshine rather than disappear into the indoor shopping mall, never to be seen again!

Bromley Market - great when the wind isn't too strong!!
Next weekend is another Bank Holiday weekend (bet you've missed those after not having an extra day off for ooh, all of two weeks!) which means a three-dayer for us at the Cuckoo Fayre in Laughton, near Battle, East Sussex. Taking place on Saturday 28th right through to Monday 30th May, this is a great show - it is huge and I still haven't seen all of it! - with lots for all the family to do and see. I believe that we may even see Spongebob Squarepants and his friends there!!

We are located in the 'Craft Marquee' which is located near the funfair and is actually attached to a building so has hard standing floors - great if you have a buggy to push around.

It will be great to see you there, beit at Bromley, Laughton (or both!) and full details of of the fairs I have booked are available on my website if you can't make it to these.
Still shining, still smiling!
Ref. 335 - Sunshine

If you have a fair this weekend yourself (as I know lots of you are crafters...) I hope you have a great time, sunny weather and lots of customers.

I will be delivering my two Hindu God designs this weekend so watch out for photos here next week.

Oh, and don't be surprised if you read about another monster/Godzilla Moth encounter soon - they are starting to gather - lots of little soldier moths have been sent in to suss the place out in advance of an attack and a mahousive Godzilla moth tried to smash the glass in our kitchen door yesterday to get in the house. Hubby keeps telling me that they can't break glass or pick locks but I am not so sure - it looked big enough! (think its gone off to get a sledgehammer!!) If you don't know what I am talking about, I have a pathalogical fear/hatred of moths (don't even like typing that word!) and have had some serious run ins with them in the past as detailed here and here

Watch this space....This nice weather is continuing longer than any of us must have expected and here in Kent we have had no rain whatsoever (apart from a couple of pathetic attempt last week which lasted all of about 30 seconds!) The gardens are suffering but I love it! (sorry garden...)

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