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Monday, 30 May 2011

Another Bank Holiday Weekend...

What day is it today??  It is confusing due to all these Bank Holidays - I never know what day it is anymore... OK, so maybe it has nothing to do with Bank Holidays at all and I am just stupid!  Anyway, thank God for Wendy for her Handmade Monday blogs which tells me it must be Monday again as it is Handmade Monday Number 18 today.   Do go along as see what everyone has been up to this week.

If I am perfectly honest, I am not really thinking straight at the moment - I am knackered!!  Hubby and I have just come back from three days at a Spring Fayre which takes place on a 10-acre site and has just about everything you can imagine from heavy horses to classic cars, crafts to tractors, fairground rides to a personal appearance by Spongebob Squarepants for the young and young at heart.   This is such a huge show that it is actually one of only a couple where we arrive to set up our stall the day before so it has been non-stop since Friday getting everything ready for a (hopefully) busy weekend.

Shopping spreeThis is a well attended event and we always look forward to seeing people in shopping mood here, clutching their purses in anticipation of picking up a little something on one (or more) of the many stalls on display selling everything you ever thought you might want (plus a few you perhaps didn't!)   We commented that if it wasn't for sale at this show somewhere, the item just didn't exist!!

WindyWhat we hadn't planned for was the howling wind!  On Saturday and Sunday we felt like we were in the path of a hurricane and despite being inside a permanent marquee-like structure attached to a building, the noise of the wind lifting the roof and rattling the sides and supports was horrendous. 

Mind you, we were the lucky ones, those traders in outdoor gazebos had a devils-own job keeping their stalls standing and many actually gave up on Sunday evening - not wanting to suffer a third day of high winds and really very cold temperatures.   (The stall selling hats and gloves was making a small fortune just supplying other stallholders!)

Smiley SunglassesToday was much better with calm wind and even the sunshine made a nice, but sadly brief, appearance!  Overall, we have had a really good weekend, met some great customers (both existing ones and new ones) and seen some wonderful exhibits.  

I have to be honest however that I am glad not to have to set the alarm for silly o'clock again tomorrow morning and am looking forward to my (albeit short) lie-in.   I have a lot of customer orders to fulfil as well as having to rebuild my stock levels in preparation for next weekend's show and, thanks to the Bank Holiday, one day less to do it all in!   (See, told you it was the Bank Holiday causing all the trouble!)

And, the winner in the 'best seller' race for the weekend was....

Diddy Designs - Tiny Bumblebee
Closely followed by a new member of the Ali's Craft Studio peelable window decorations family - a set of three Rainbow Bugs - who are so new they haven't even made it onto the website yet and the photo still lives on my camera, waiting downloading to my PC for addition to my database and site.  Ooh, I'm such a tease - I promise a photo will appear on a blog sometime soon....   Rainbow colours are definitely popular and I will be adding a 'Rainbow Theme' section to the site soon where they can all be viewed together so if you love rainbows, keep an eye out for this coming soon on the Ali's Craft Studio site

Hope you have had a great weekend yourselves and I hope to have some actual creations to share with you next week...
 Good Night
Ooh, nearly forgot to say that today I had a fish manicure...   You may have seen the pedicures recently with the little fish that nibble at all your dry skin - well, this was the same but on your hands (no-one wants to see strangers feet in a tank of water at a show so Bev from Sole Karma just brought a tank for hands to the show)  If you are in the Eastbourne area, she is opening a new spa at the end of Eastbourne Pier in a few weeks - it is worth looking into booking an appointment as it was a surprisingly pleasant feeling and very relaxing!  She wants me to do some peelable window decorations of the spa logo so I have already tried suggesting to hubby that we hand deliver them and I can have a foot treatment overlooking the sea! (Not convinced that he is sold on the idea of that yet!)


  1. We have a fishy footspa near us but I've not plucked up courage yet! Good to hear you had an enjoyable weekend :) It was a little windy for us too!

  2. I have heard of the fish pedicures here in the US but only because I think they made them illegal. Strange, they won't let you do anything! Sheesh. How was it?
    Sounds like you had a pretty good day tho, other than the weather. I have to admit, the weather here in FL has been wonderful! :)

  3. Pleased to hear you had a successful weekend at your event. Fish pedicure I have very ticklish feet and can imagine being in hysterics part way through you are certainly braver than me.

    Love the new addition.

  4. Dont know about more work, sounds to me like you could do with having your feet up for a while to recover.
    Wish I lived nearer though, sounds like a great fair.


  5. Glad you had a great time, I'm not surprised the 'Tiny BumbleBee' was a winner, he's really cute, Yes, you are a tease.....I'm looking forward to seeing the new rainbow range.

    Jan x

  6. I know what you mean about the dreadful noise of those marquees - can be a bit scary at times!

    The bumble bee is so cute it's no wonder he was popular!

    Thanks for taking part in Handmade Monday x

  7. like the bee! so cute and friendly! could invite a swarm like this into my garden :D to pollinate my tomatoes :)


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