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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Another week... Another story!

Let me start by saying that I LOVE animals - all sizes, all types, I just love them all!  Well, when I say all I have to exclude one of God's little creatures - MOTHS!  They terrify me!  They should not be able to fly around - they are made of dust for heaven's sake!!  What are they for other than to come after me late at night when I am safely in my home????

Last week was, as you know, a bit of a 'mare here at Chez Ali's Craft Studio and was topped off by my encounter with Godzilla (the moth).  The size of a small vicious dog (OK, so I may have exaggerated a little here) it held me to ransom in my own home!!  I swear that moths watch me like dust-filled, winged CCTV cameras before dive-bombing my head for fun! 

So, my encounter with Godzilla was as follows... 

I was about to get into my lovely comfortable bed but needed to go into the bathroom first and... there he was, above the toilet door, watching me (I am not lying when I say he moved round as I walked towards the door to watch me move!)  I couldn't not go in to the toilet (I will skip a minute of the story here...) so with all the bravery of an ancient gladiator about to face the lions den, I went in and came out again (after doing what I needed to do - in the aforementioned skipped minute) to creep slowly towards where my husband was already tucked up in bed.  All was reasonably calm until...
Godzilla attacked!   He came at me with gay abandon as I ran like a poor-man's version of Usain Bolt into the bedroom!   Hubby was happy (!!?) to get up and help his damsel in distress (he didn't bother with full shining armor and white horse as it all seemed a little extreme and his shorts were closer to hand)   "Tell me, damsel in distress," he said "where is this monster?  Take me to him and I will slay him and save you!"  (Or words to that effect)

Well, there was a problem now - Godzilla was on the move and nowhere to be found!   After a thorough (aka quick look behind the curtains and light fittings) search, my knight in shining armor shorts declared "I can't see it - it must have left!"  What did it do?  Open the door????

I did not sleep well that night - I could feel the beady eyes of Godzilla watching me from his hideout, waiting to attack.   My normally brilliant stealth hunters were not much use either - both were fast asleep and had no interest in my plight! 
Halftime Score: Me: Terrified - Godzilla: Laughing

I will let you know the final outcome of the Godzilla battle shortly (nothing like building the tension!) but I want to fast forward a little to this week which has been very different indeed.

I know that you have all been losing sleep holding candlelit vigils for my toe (much appreciated) Well, your prayers and messages of love have not been in vain.  I told my toe about how everyone was wishing it well and it responded!   After a couple of days of snake-like skin shedding, it is now much better and well on the road to full recovery.  Thank you all!

This past weekend has been really fun - two fairs, one a bi-annual one so very well supported with lots of great stalls and events and hallelujah Great Weather!  The second one was my idea of heaven - a Rare Breeds animal event!  The whole event was simply brilliant with sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, cows, alpacas, rabbits....  The dulcet tones of all those animals in one place was amazing! (I told you I love animals).

Happy Birthday Darling!
This coming weekend is a little different for me - no fairs at all!!  

Friday is my wonderful husband's birthday and we are having a family gathering (all 8 of us!!) in Yorkshire to celebrate.  So we will be travelling to stay with my Mum and I can't wait to have a really great evening out with everyone.  (Will let you know how it goes at a later date!)  It is very unusual not to have a fair and it feels a little strange but we have a run of some of our bigger events coming up over the coming weeks and so it won't be long before the chaos starts again.

So, back to the epic battle between myself and Godzilla...

A couple of days passed without seeing the beast and even I was starting to think that he had opened a window, let himself out and closed the window again.... All was well until...

One night, I was in the spare room as hubby had gone to bed early and I didn't want to disturb him.  There is a window above the bed head and Misty was entertaining herself with some poor insect on the windowsill.   This time, however, she didn't get bored like she normally does and I started to wonder if I was ever going to get any peace.  In a moment of amazing brilliance (ahem) I didn't turn the light on as thoughts of Godzilla were still in my mind.  So, using the faint green glow of the alarm clock light, I tried to see what she was chasing AND THERE HE WAS, in full monster glory on the window frame!  What do I do?? 

And don't come back!
Well sometimes, sisters have to do it for themselves and with remarkable bravery (even if I say so myself) I managed to get the window open and boot Godzilla outside!!   I can only hope that he goes with tales of the horror house with the big, black, furry beast who attacks moths and tries to eat them - other moths beware!

FINAL SCORE: Me: Alive   Godzilla: Gone!!

The house feels so much bigger now that our lodger has moved out and this week so far has been a marked improvement on the last!  

As they say in the song...  "What a difference a day makes, 24 little hours..."
OK hands up - who is singing the song now??  Tee Hee!!


  1. This could run and run Ali. Son of Godzilla. The revenge of Godzilla. Godzilla meets Harry Potter in the Craft Room.

    Glad you got rid of it and have to say I would have stayed buried under the duvet until it had either died or given up and left! Can't stand 'em.

    Good news about your toe - you shall go to the ball now Princess.

    Have a great family bash.


  2. I am hoping that Godzilla has gone and passed around the message that this household is not to be messed with!

    I have my two furry warriors to protect me...

  3. GREAT post - very fun to read!!! My granddaughter and I are glad the moth was not killed, because we believe that fairies sometimes disguise themselves as moths and butterflies, dragonflies and damselflies...and especially fireflies.

    I'm glad your toe is so much better!

    Tell you hubby happy birthday - mine was Sunday and I am now 58 years old....gulp.

    Oh, that one market sounds like so much fun - the one with rare animal breeds.
    I could have really enjoyed myself there!

  4. Belated Happy Birthday to you too, Susan!

    I try not to kill anything but tend to make a bit of exception with moths (unless I can get them out of the house safely).

    I don't have a problem with any other flying thing so the other fairies are perfectly safe. I guess the moth fairy is really trying to get my attention!!

  5. Wonderfully entertaining as usual Ali, after a bit of a let down you just cheered me up no end. I dont have a problem with Moths, just godzilla wasps or bees - same thing, I was once shut out the kitchen for an entire day thanks to Mr Bee.

    ...oh and yes, I am now singing that song.


  6. Thanks Lynda

    See now, you would think that wasps and bees would be more of a fear but I don't have any problem with them! Just great big flying dustballs...

  7. What hath you wrought!? We have been invaded by tons of tiny moths!! Don't tell my granddaughter, but I have smashed about 30...now I need to clean the shimmery smudges off the walls...at least my moths are little!

  8. Sorry Susan but I am glad you are getting them, rather than me! (Although there are more than enough here, thank you very much!)

    I have had two more encounters with 'friends of Godzilla' - I will report on them soon so watch this space!


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