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Monday, 23 May 2011

Hindu Gods & Handmade Monday

Well, its Monday again and the weekly jaunt over to Wendy's blog to see what all the really talented crafters who are taking part have been up to.

Its only going to be a quick post from me but I did promise last week to share the two Hindu Gods I made as a bespoke order.  Well I am pleased to say that they were delivered to the customer on Saturday and he loves them (thank God for that - they took forever to do!!)  My next task for the same customer is two Buddhas - one the traditional seated one and a couple of sizes of the same laughing Buddha (with the big belly).  These aren't quite as detailed so should be a breeze after the last two!

So here we go (hope they were worth waiting for!):

1. Ganesh 

2. Hanuman
This was really detailed work and had to be done over a few days to be able to add the small detail once the rest was dry (and to give my eyes a break every now and then). I am so pleased with the finished results though.  I haven't added these to the website as yet but I will do at some stage - if you want more details in the meantime, please contact me.I have a couple more large orders to complete this week - both for large glass doors - they are some of my oval designs done in bigger sizes than I normally do so I am having to adapt my normal working area to fit everything in.   I will try to take a photo of them on my own door before they are sent off so that you can see them in a future post.    I still have to work out what the best way is going to be to mail these out to the customer without risk of damage but usually rolling them does the trick and it doesn't mean you have a massive envelope/parcel to deal with.

Wisteria & Birds
One of the designs is a half metre high version of the Wisteria and Birds design which I love but the small detail and combination of multiple colours in the wisteria does tend to make your eyes go a little skewiff after a while (I am hoping that the larger version may not be quite so fiddly).

This handmade design is perfect as a special gift and ideal for a door or window or to frame as a feature wall hanging and is available online now at the Ali's Craft Studio online shop.
Have a good week everyone - I think I am going to be busy this week with orders and preparing for the three day show over the Bank Holiday so I will probably have to do my Handmade Monday blog crawl over a few days when I give myself a break.


  1. lovely work You must have a lot of patience for all that detail xx

  2. Ali they are beautiful, no wonder the customer loved them. Can't wait to see the Laughing Buddha (with the big belly). I have a number of (personal) Buddha sculptures and images at home.
    Well done and good luck with the 'making' this week.

    Jan x

  3. Oooooooo Hindu designs really kick butt! They are so accurate and bright.

  4. WOW! So much detail, eyes are so difficult to get right but you have managed to get them spot on! I can see them selling very very well.


  5. What brilliant detailed work Ali, no wonder the customer was pleased with them they look brilliant.

  6. Ali they are absolutely gorgeous no wonder the customer was pleased.
    I have a little buddha sat above my monitor as a good luck charm.
    You are so talented, that intricate design must have been really hard. Well done and I can't wait to see more.

  7. Love the Hindu Gods, so intricate and colours are perfect. The Wisteria is lovely. What a busy week you've had.

  8. All of these are really cool, not sure which i like best to be honest.

  9. Wow, what more can I say beautiful

  10. The Hindu Gods look fantastic, well done. The wisteria and birds design made me want to go out and buy a 1920s house to put it in (for the window on the turn of the stairs don't you know!). Lovely

  11. Wow Ali great work!! Ganesh is amazing!!

  12. wow! so detailed, they must have taken soo much work. Well done!



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