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Thursday, 4 March 2010

You know when you wish you hadn't pressed the button....

... well I do!

OK so I try to keep on top of my website updates and look for little improvements that can be made without making everything too complicated or 'poncy'.   You want a site that looks good but it has to be easy to navigate and use too!

The web design & hosting software I use to create my site is quite often being upgraded to include new features - some of which I have utilised but most are not really relevant.   But a sense of anticipation and, dare I say it, excitement has been gradually building.  All their customers have been teased with talk of some fantastic new features to assist us lowly website builders/owners.   Oh, how I have waited anxiously for this update....

At last, the day finally arrived yesterday and I settled down to start making some major changes which included having to amend most of the links on my pages - no mean feat!   Armed with a mammoth cup of tea and all the patience I could muster, I did what I needed to do and pressed the save & update button.....

What happened was that any pages visited suddenly had security issue warnings!  AARGH!!! 

So, what started as an exciting morning of upgrades to my website turned into a nightmare of trying to roll back the clock and put things back to how they were (at least until they can get the gremlins out of the system!)

Resulting in

You know those days when you have been manically busy all day but have nothing to show for it at the end?   That was yesterday for me.

I am glad to say that Ali's Craft Studio site is fully restored and apologies to anyone who may have experienced problems yesterday!   The online shop is back to normal and I am about to update it with some new products.   But you can be sure I will be checking carefully before I press the button again!

Why not pop along for a visit and pick up some decorations for Easter or a unique Mother's Day gift?

I think I will wait a while before trying that long awaited update again.... after all, it was only the day the new features were launched - maybe I wasn't as patient as I thought after all!  

Now, I had better go and add all those new products to the shop... Wish me luck - I'm going in......


  1. Oh no! I always say Back Up everything before pressing the shiny new button. That doesn't mean I do it and have lost a few websites that way. Must practise what I preach lol xx

  2. Hi,

    Just to let you know I've featured your work on my blog. Thank you for voting for me inthe handmade olympics!



  3. The joys of computers and the Internet are wonderful - until they turn on us!


  4. Hi Ali, I've nominated you for a Sunshine award to!
    Best wishes, Sarah.

  5. I am so glad that I am not the only person to struggle with web building, I am thinking of changing my name to 'dazed and confused.com' lol! xx


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