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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Coming up this weekend

Well, I am frantically getting everything ready for the market in Bromley on Saturday - my first show since Christmas!!  It is amazing how much you get out of the routine when you haven't had a fair for a while!

I have been making up stock for weeks and have lots of new designs and made more of the best sellers so hopefully I have anticipated what is going to be required for the first few shows.  As you already know, I also redesigned and relaunched my website so it certainly hasn't been quiet!

My stall in Bromley Market - I pray it doesn't rain!!

I am also back on weather watch!  I am sure I am not alone in the crafting community on that one - I am obsessed with whether it is going to rain and how windy it is going to be!  This is so important for outdoor shows (I have lost stock before in Bromley when a gust of wind blew about £35-worth up the High Street!!)  If you can come along to see me, I would love to see you!

After this weekend, my fairs start again in earnest - for full details of where I am, please go to www.studiocrafts.net/events.html   The cats won't be happy - they hate it when we disappear for the day!  Thank God for electronic feeding bowls!

We're not impressed!  Where did everyone go?

Anyway, I guess I had better get back to my packaging, I still have the tablecloths to wash and dry, the trolley to repack....  oh my!


  1. Good luck for Saturday Ali, hope the weather's sunny and calm :)

  2. Your stall looks fabulous - so professional! I love it! I love the "handmade" sign I see in the upper left corner - almost like a street sign...cool!

    We, too, are preoccupied with weather reports...


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