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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Hold on to your hats!

Today is a busy day - infact it is likely to be a busy week!  I have a huge mug of tea (and a stash of teabags within easy reach for constant refills!) as I am starting the mammoth task of remaking my ENTIRE website!!

All is still working with the existing site and nothing will change just yet so you can still order any items as normal.

After much thought and research, I have decided to change my web hosting & design software and move to one which I think will have more features to make buying my particular products easier.

My site is currently designed using Mr Site Pro - which has been a very good package.  Sadly they are going through major technical problems at the moment due to some new features they have tried to introduce which have created a nightmare of many of the functions not working properly.  They will eventually get all the bugs fixed but it did prompt me to have a look around at alternatives to see what other people are offering.  

Don't get me wrong, Mr Site has been great (apart from the gremlins they have at the moment which I am sure will be fixed soon).   Building a site with this software is so easy - its like there are little elves inside your computer doing all the hard work to make the pages look how you would like them! 

I now need to move to something that I can make my shop with all the extra options I would like to offer to buyers.

I am currently doing a trial run at some alternative software and so far I like what I see!   I won't go into the details just yet but I am going to have to remake my entire site!!! 

I will try to add updates here as I can but with over 200 products just to add into shopping carts (not to mention all the other pages which need to be created & built) I may be some time....


  1. Good luck with it all,I know how much work is involved

  2. Good Luck! I always use Zen Cart as it is soo easily modified to how I want it.

  3. Sounds like a busy time ahead for you, good luck

  4. Hope the website re-design is going well Ali, and that you have managed to get a little of today's sunshine on you.



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