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Saturday, 30 July 2011

I heard the words...

I have been basking in sunlight today at Bromley Market - unusually there was very little wind so it was a lovely day without any heart stopping moments.

But...  today I heard the six dreaded words....
(Brace yourselves)

"When we get back from holiday..."

Oh those words are awful for a stallholder to hear and enough to make the hardiest of souls sob quietly into their thermos.  Sadly I have a feeling that I will hear them many more times over the next few weeks!  Often the only people who aren't on holiday are the ones (like me) who simply can't afford it and unfortunately they are also less likely to spend at your stall too.   Fortunately, I did have a good day but could have really done without that reminder of what may lie ahead next month...

Oh well, tomorrow is inside in the 'greenhouse' shopping centre - prepare for major sweaty knees syndrome!!
Bromley Market - a fun and sunny day without the usual wind!
The greenhouse cometh!
Hope you have all had a great day...


  1. I had a market stall for many years selling pet food and equipment and I remember those words so well. On the other hand we might get an influx of tourists who would love to decorate their homes with good old English designs. Well, we can hope.
    Good luck with The Greenhouse.

  2. I'm a newbie visitor!

    I really like your Halloween products ...

    Just clicked Follow too

    The Bathtime Team


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