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Monday, 4 July 2011

Busy Weekend, Handmade Monday and Sunshine...

Well here we are again, the Monday after a busy weekend.  It really is frightening how quickly the weeks are flying by and before we know it the schools will have broken up for the long summer holiday and then it is September and Christmas!

Fortunately, the glorious weather at the moment lets us know that Christmas is still a long way away yet and this weekend was beautifully hot (almost too hot at times) and we were at a free community festival weekend in Kent where the people came out in force to enjoy the funfair, music, dancing and free entertainment on offer.   We were inside one of the craft tents and had a great weekend with lots of new and repeat customers.  It was lovely to also meet Terry from Aviya Glass who, until now, I have only 'met' virtually - she lives locally to the show and it is great to put faces to names!

No mud on offer this weekend (apart from the bits still clinging on to some of my boxes and banners!) which we are still regarding as a luxury whenever we see solid, dry ground!  Oh, and incase you are wondering, both pairs of trousers and one pair of shoes have now been 'de-mudded' - just one more pair of shoes to go!  The first pair tired me out so much with beating, scrubbing and getting generally soaked by the hose being used to try to 'waterblast' the mud into submission, I couldn't quite bear to attempt the other pair straight after.   They will be this weeks exciting job!   It was definitely more 'hammer and chisel' than brushing required...

I haven't had much time to do new designs this past week as I was preparing for the weekend and making up orders from the last couple of shows however one I have managed to make up (which sold pretty quickly at the weekend) is this beautifully colourful Tulips Frame. 

Tulips in a Frame - wonderfully colourful
(will be added to website shortly...)
This is going to be a quick post as I have a lot of stock to make this week ready for the next show at the weekend (already praying that the thunderstorms forecast for the mid-end of this week decide to give way to sunshine for Saturday!!) and I also have some website management to get on with - lots of new designs over the past couple of weeks which haven't yet made it over to the website shop, then I still have to head into town to go to the bank, the supermarket, etc...  So many things, so little time!

Make sure you head on over to Wendy's blog to see what everyone has been busying themselves with this week - it never ceases to amaze me how talented the crafters are who join in every week.

Right then, its off to work we go (are you are all singing 'Hi-Ho!' in your heads now... or is it just me?)


  1. It is scary how quickly the time flies. My Husband says he is sure there is less time in the day these days! To think that we are already in July is not a great feeling.

  2. Hi ho, hi ho.......... not too far to go for us crafters though:)

    Hope the weather improves for you in time for weekend, not a huge fan of the heat but apprciated rain and shows is NOT a good mix.

    Lynda x

  3. I love the tulips they are gorgeous. Good luck for your show, I do hope there isn't even a hint of mud in sight.

  4. Love those tulips! Good luck with the de-mudding and the weekend weather. I have another outdoor one next Saturday, so hoping for the same here too x

  5. Tulips are my fave flower and these are gorgeous! Was lovely to meet you and hope it was a successful weekend for you.

  6. Lovely design and those vibrant colours are gorgeous

  7. Lovely designs... as usual lol

    Well I hope the weather improves. I only do heat and sun when I'm on holiday away from British mugginess. But I wouldn't wish rain on anyone doing a fair!

  8. The tulips are beautiful Ali, love the shading at the base of each flower. Getting older the time goes quicker, either that or we are slowing down.

  9. Love the tulips! I can see them in a quilt.

  10. Love the tulips-the colours are gorgeous!

  11. Glad you had a lovely time at your show its always nice to meet new people but to meet people that you have been chatting to on here must be extra special good luck at your next event hope the weather is good for you xxx

  12. The tulips are lovely. Glad to hear you enjoyed your show. Hope the next one is good too :)


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