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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Very Happy Bunny....

I am pretty much recovered now from the weekend at Lancing College - it usually takes a couple of good night's sleep before I start to feel fully human again - but now it is on to the next.

One thing I am soooo pleased about is that my 'Peas in a Pod' Diddy Design sold out at the show! I am thrilled as I love these little guys all huddled together in their pod and at just £2 they won't break the bank!!  Don't panic if you love them as much as I do - I am busy making more so they are still available!

We're so happy that you like us!

The show wasn't as busy as previously which was a shame but we had a pretty good weekend nevertheless.   Lancing College is a working school and the fairs take place during school holidays so the layout is really interesting.  A couple of large halls have the normal set up with tables both on the wall edges and in the centre of the room but off the first of these rooms are numerous small 'classrooms' which can hold two or three stalls each.

Stall at Lancing College
My stall has always been in one of these classrooms which is usually fun but visitor-wise it does go from one extreme to the other - there are either lots of people bustling around the room or it is completely empty! (I guess people still get scared walking into a room with no other visitors in it!).   I have been busy making up some orders I took at the show for personalised designs and a couple of doggies in specific colours so these should be in the post before the end of the week.

A bit of a rarity for me is that I don't have any shows this coming weekend! It is my birthday on Sunday so hubby and I are going to be doing some celebrating over the weekend (celebrating both my birthday and the rare time off!) Can't wait - it should be really fun. I just hope the weather stays as nice as it has been these past couple of days (an extra degree or two wouldn't go amiss!)

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Happy Birthday! I hope your birthday weekend is wonderful!

    Congratulations on the Lancing College market orders - that's terrific! The "peas in a pod" diddy is darling.


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