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Saturday, 20 February 2010

On the edge of my seat...

So, have you been watching the Winter Olympics?  It has been required viewing here as are all major sporting events (Summer Olympics, Four Hills Skiing Championships, World Cup, etc.)

Sadly, the time difference in Canada means it has either been watching highlights (with much of the lower-ranking but still impressive players missing) or staying up very late to watch some of the events live.

How thrilled we were that our late night viewing (until 1.40am last night/this morning ) culminated in the first (and so far only) Gold Medal for Great Britain!   Amy Williams winning the Women's Skeleton Bobsleigh was absolutely amazing!  Both my husband and I were literally sitting on the edge of our seats as she began her final run, after leading from the very first run, it was hers to lose and all she needed to do was to get down safely and not make major mistakes. 

Fortunately for our neighbours, we managed to curb the desire to scream when she crossed the line!

I have also been keeping busy building up stock and creating more new designs for my peelable stained glass and more photos will be posted on my website (http://www.studiocrafts.net/) and here shortly.


  1. Watched some of the speed skating, I was not impressed when Sarah Lindsay was Disqualified when the Canadian girl should have been >:(
    Anyway go Amy Williams woohoo!

  2. Amy Williams winning gold was brilliant - as I am such a wimp on ice/snow I can't imagine doing anything like that.



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