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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Oh no, the snow is back!

Just when I thought the weather was warming up, the snow is back and it is FREEZING!   Whilst there hasn't been a huge amount of coverage on the ground, the surfaces are absolutely trecherous.

Whilst I love the snow and how pretty it makes everything, it is so disruptive and causes major problems with my husband's work as a black cab driver.

Ironically, our road is never gritted but during the last batch of bad weather, we had gritting done two days in a row - the last one being the day before it all melted.  The result was a gritty road due to the large amounts dumped in a short time but the salt element has gone so the new snow is sitting on top of it!   Yeah, icy grit!

Fortunately, I don't have any fairs to go to at the moment so I won't have a repeat of my last show of the year in 2009 which I couldn't get to because we were snowed in!   Thankfully, crafting has a great way of giving you something else to think about and the time just flies!

So here we are again, indoors with two grumpy cats and the heating on permanently to keep warm!  Bring on the summer and the sunburnt shoulders from outdoor events....


  1. Keep warm, Ali. Snowy here this morning as well. Staying by the fire, trying to figure out this crochet lark!

  2. I'm so glad we missed the snow in Essex this time - being stuck indoors with a 15 month old baby is no fun!


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