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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Diddy Designs and Thank You

Firstly, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Harriet at the wonderful The Children's Jewellery Company for including me in her 'Featured Crafter' series on her blog

Now, what have I been up to lately...

Well, as my decorations are extremely popular with people of all ages, I have been creating a series of fun, small designs which are sold at pocket money affordable prices (£2 - £2.50).   I have named these my 'Diddy Designs' and so far the series consists of four designs (plus one honorary Diddy!)  I would love to introduce you to them here:

1. Cute Bumblebee

2. Cute Ladybird

3. Peas in a Pod

4. Cute Kitty


And, for the honorary Diddy:
5. Tiny Butterfly (available in five different colours)

So why is the butterfly an 'honorary Diddy'?  Well, all the other Diddies are available in one colour option only however, as this is an existing design which is available in other colour schemes - blue, gold, red, burgundy, silver and copper, it doesn't really fit in with this rule but the size and price does so it seems unfair to leave it out!  

I plan to have more designs in this series and hopefully people will want to start collecting all of them!  

For these and lots of other choices of decorations for your windows, mirrors and tiles ranging from classic to quirky, please go to my website at www.studiocrafts.net

I have also been making more keyrings including some great Union Flags in bright colours or mega-bling glitter!   But I still need to take photos of these and some of these Diddies still need to be added to the website so I guess the keyrings will have to wait for another post and I should go and update the website shop!

Hope you like these - I would love to hear what you think so please leave me a comment and I will be back again soon with keyrings and more designs!

Keep crafting and thanks for reading!


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