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Monday, 30 April 2012

Handmade Monday & a new letter to the Weather Gods!

You know how you think something has been fully understood and we are all singing from the same hymn sheet then it all falls apart... well that seems to be what is happening now! So, I feel the time has come to readdress those weather gods! (Hold onto your hats folks!)

Dear Weather Gods

Urm, hello!! Where do I start here? Really, you're having a laugh aren't you?? Can I just point out that the phrase 'April showers' is not an instruction nor does it mean that the whole of April needs rain! I've decided that you are bored up there and decided to pick some seasons out of the hat on the first of each month and throw it into the mix... So, Summer in March might have been a nice, unexpected treat but that doesn't mean Winter in April is a good idea!!

Surely you can't think that heavy rain complete with gale force winds all weekend only to be followed by California-esque skies, glorious sunshine and gentle breeze today would be acceptable!!

So, for the THIRD time, lets run through the deal... I'll spell it out nice and simply for you...

The week has seven days - You can have five of them! Yes, FIVE!! Count them... Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday - they're yours (I might beg Monday back a few times when there is a Bank Holiday but hey, there aren't many of those so surely you won't mind... Think of them as nice days off for you...) Right, where were we.... oh yes, Five days are yours... that leaves two - Saturday and Sunday, that's all, just 48 hours - they are mine! So that means the rain, snow, wind, hail, lightening, fog and any other grotty weather plans you might have tucked up your sleeve can quite simply get lost - have a lie in, have the weekend off and relax a little (no - relax a lot!!) Really, you don't need to work so hard - you'll hurt yourselves! Just brush away the clouds send down the sun & sign off!

Once again, I urge you to consult my list of fairs so you can plan ahead - schedule that sunshine in advance, I'm making life so easy for you but you need to do your bit too!

So, we are nearly at the end of April so lets not dwell on the fact that you basically tried to drown my birthday month - I'm not one to hold grudges but you really are testing me now.... May is coming - time to make amends and get back to normal temperatures, nice sunny days - doesn't have to be tropically hot, we can save that until the Summer months (remember them??!) and a little bit of rain during YOUR DAYS so that the flowers down get thirsty.  Everyone would be happy again!

Now, I've tried to be nice but if you don't play along, I might have to send the boys round... don't say I haven't warned you!!  Please don't make me have to write to you again unless it is to thank you for sticking to the agreement this time!!

Slightly grumpy, very waterlogged lady who doesn't want to have to get aggressive!!

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Braving the weather at The Hop Farm Country Food & Craft Show
I'm sure you won't be surprised after reading the above that my weekend show at The Hop Farm in Kent turned into a wet & windy disaster!  The weather forecasts for the weekend were not looking promising but we decided to go anyway as rain doesn't always keep people away. Sadly the wind was determined to cause problems and whilst we did manage to remain upright, there were a few gazebos which were blown over and damaged by the strong gusts which came along especially in the afternoon on Saturday.

Needless to say the visitor numbers were much lower than this great show deserved (we were actually quite impressed that anyone ventured out of their nice warm homes!) and as a result the sales were not good at all.

Due to the added threat of more persistent rain and gale force winds on Sunday, the decision was taken on Saturday afternoon that we would be unlikely to return for the second day on Sunday.  Unfortunately, a dangerous gazebo and damaged stock were simply not worth the risk.  I did find the organiser to let her know that was our plan (I would never simply not turn up!) and to her credit she did advise us that our pitch would still be available should the morning weather not be as bad as forecast.

I was very sad to hear that not all the stallholders were as understanding as to why the show wasn't very well attended! Surely blaming an organiser for the weather is bordering on the ridiculous!! She was as devastated as we were and whilst there were things that could and should have been done better (such as the location of the additional craft tents behind our stall location & adding signage to show they were there)  However, despite the horrendous conditions, the events arena in front of our location was busy all day with some wonderful displays featuring gun dogs, tractors, horses, birds of prey and an incredible side saddle horse riding team (not all at the same time, obviously!!)

So in summary, a superb event was killed by unseasonally awful weather (cast your minds back to the Royal Wedding last year & what a glorious day that was!!) but we will definitely be back & lets hope the weather gods have got their act together by then!!

Next weekend I am in Bromley Market - oh I don't even want to think about what the wind will be like then - and have a full diary of shows coming up, not all of which will be outdoors so if you missed being able to see me this last weekend, please try to come along to an upcoming event!  I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Loving the new option for your peelable decorations!
One other thing I am really excited about is that for all the people who have previously asked about whether the designs I sell can be used on walls & doors... the answer is now YES!!  I have developed a method of creating any design on a special carrier which contains an ultra-removable adhesive backing. This means that you can decorate your walls or doors, no matter what the surface is and yet still remove them again without causing damage.  There is a nominal charge to cover the special materials I have to purchase to do this but this opens up a whole range of possibilities and these can also be used on windows and mirrors as usual.  The only difference is that the back feels sticky.   I am in the process of adding the option for you to purchase any design as a wall/door sticker to my website but if you come across one without the 'conversion option' choice, please get in touch & I can add this for you (it is taking some time to manually amend all 500+ products currently listed on my website!)

I'll add some photos soon of some sample designs I have up in my studio so watch this space...  The possibilities are now endless!

And yes, it is Monday which means I'm back in the great company of all the wonderful crafters who are joining in with Handmade Monday over at 1st Unique Gifts - do go and enjoy what everyone has been getting up to this week!


  1. Haha! I love your letter and think we are all right behind you.
    It's a shame about the fair, but how rude of people to blame the organiser - not a lot they can do about it is there?

    1. No you can't blame an organiser for the weather but unfortunately not everyone thinks like that!

  2. Ali, you're being too good to those weather gods. Just send the boys round, I think they've had their final warnings.

    I like the sound of your option for walls - excellent idea and a whole new marketing angle, perhaps.

    1. Well, I thought I'd give them another chance but they're lucky I'm in a good mood today!!

      The wall clings are really great! So excited to be offering these - they are fab to produce adverts to put up at shows too as they don't damage the surfaces (don't use them on flaky paint though!)

  3. So arranging good weather is not part of an event organiser's remit? How odd - thought they had a Martini contract: any place, anywhere, any time and (a new clause) absolutely anything else that we can think of, especially good weather. The wall versions of your peelables sound a great idea. Hope the weather is better for you next weekend and the market goes really well - oh yes, and that the orgnaiser makes sure there is a ginormous umbrella over the whole of Bromley.

    1. I know, the very cheek of not getting the weather right! LOL! Council run market next weekend so I'll not hold my breath! Looks like the weather is going to be a little kinder so hopefully it will be OK.

  4. Apparently summer is June this year, spring & autumn cancelled. Hope my organisers are listening. Why not make the letter global - even politicians act on 100,000.

  5. Your letter to the Weather Gods made me smile!

  6. i knew we'd all be talking about the weather today!! :)

    i'm sorry to hear about the fair, it must be a nightmare for the organisers as well as the stallholders when the weather is so extreme - you just never know when its going to happen! i guess it keeps everyone on their toes :) and, as i've said in my blog today, gives us all something to talk about!

    i hope you have brilliant sunshine at your next fair to balance things out! x

  7. I love your letter to the weather Gods and must admit know where you are coming from and do feel for you sitting at home in front of the fire warm and snug, with a hot chocolate, lol. Hope it improves for you this week but looking at long range not sure. As for stallholders blaming the organiser for the weather "Get a life' springs to mind and grow up.

  8. I am packing up my old water wings to keep you afloat for the next show... if you have them, I promise you will see only sun!

    1. Well that's a relief!! Thanks Ros - I'll get my sunglasses ready!!

  9. I am so tired of rain, but at least I am not trying to go to craft fairs in it! You poor thing, and I feel for the organizer, what a disaster. Hopefully things will get better, hard to believe we have had the same weather in Florida as you have had there!

  10. Ah that's a shame the fair was a wet one, it's daft that people are blaming the organisers for it though.
    Love the letter to the weather Gods, I don't think they are listening, perhaps they need a more strongly worded one next time :D


  11. Hi Ali, I'm just popping over to say Hi and I hope everything is ok with you. I haven't heard from you for a while, I hope all is well.

    Jan x


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