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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Handmade Monday & a note to teacher...

Well, its been a while but I thought I'd better show my support to Wendy's Handmade Monday as I have been very bad lately at blogging.  To catch up with some amazing crafters who have retained the ability to craft and blog at the same time, head on over to Handmade Monday (I'm hanging my head in shame as I type!)

I feel like I should be presenting a note for teacher from my Mum at this point explaining where I have been & why I haven't managed to get my homework in on time in... well... ever!  Sadly, I don't think Mum would write this as she is likely to be on the side of the teacher (after all she used to be one!) so I guess I'll just have to take the punishment and accept detention in a dark and dingy room somewhere with a very bored looking teacher who wants to get out of there as much as I do!  I can handle it - I've been a bad blogger so I will sit quietly and reflect upon what I have (or haven't) done...

However, if I see a moth in that dark, dingy room, I'm out of there like the proverbial bat out of hell!  Just thought I'd make that clear from the start... OK then... As long as we're all clear on that...

The business clings I briefly mentioned in my last post (remember that far back!!) have been getting a lot of attention and I have two more going in the post today - one is a smaller version of this one
The other is lettering for an office to display the company logo and name on the office window and will give the effect of hand painted letters on the glass.  I'll post a photo of this when I can - the customer has promised to send me a picture when it is in place so hopefully that will show the effect really well.

If you are interested in getting your own company logo or message on a cling that can be used to promote your business whilst you are out and about, please contact me at craft.studio@virgin.net including the logo you would like to use and I will get back to you with a quote.

I am, of course, also building up more stock for my fairs which really start again in earnest in a couple of weeks time.  Its always difficult to judge what your best sellers are going to be when you are at the start of a new year so I am trying to work on some new designs as well as the classic favourites like butterflies, animals and birds.  Here's a sneak peak of a couple of new designs (these aren't even on my website yet but contact me if you are interested in any of them)

Set of 3 flowers - yellow & white
and really effective in monochrome!
Rainbow worms?  Well why not?
I'm trying to create more sets of designs as many customers want more than one at a time and having sets makes it a little easier and more affordable.   This certainly proved true with the small butterfly sets I have already - the butterflies are of a size that to sell them individually would not be cost effective but as a set, I can ensure they remain affordable and still make sense from a business point of view.
Set of 7 butterflies
Set of 3 Glitter butterflies
One of the things I love so much about my work is that I can adapt to customer requirements, current fads & trends.  I don't have the problem of having to order 100s of the same item, mass manufactured & each exactly the same!

Tell me, where would this customer have been able to get a picture of her gorgeous Malamute with one ear in the shops??
Brown and White Malamute with one ear
So, just try telling me that buying handmade isn't the best thing ever!

Just as an extra note before I go, I have a Facebook page.   Now, I'm pretty good at all things computers but seriously - I just don't get it!!  I haven't a clue how to 'like' other pages, what to do when someone 'likes' mine and to be honest it is not only a miracle that it is still there and I have resisted hitting that oh so tempting 'deactivate page' link but actually that it is there at all!   I hear loads of people saying how much they love Facebook but sorry folks.  I don't get it!!

If you do get it... feel free to visit, like, post, share, comment and whatever else you are supposed to do on there - just don't expect me to be displaying all those flashy whizzgigs that some pages have - if I manage to add anything it is a cause of celebration so make the most of what is there & perhaps head over to my website or follow me on Twitter - I am pretty efficient on those!!

Hope you have a wonderful week - I'll try to be better in future at blogging!! (Hmm, didn't I say that last time!)


  1. Facebook can be confusing and I have to admit I don't really use it well. Like you, I am a big fan of Twitter and think it is a great marketing tool as well as being a way to chat with people. The Malmalute is lovely and as you say, no way could your customer have found a pic like this in the shops. Like the idea of the business clings - good luck with them as I am sure they will be a fast growing part of your business. Hope you have a good week.

    1. I am loving Twitter but need to spend less time on there - you get caught up in conversations & the time disappears!

      The business clings are fun to do as each one is so different which is great fun. Have a great week too x

  2. Love the new work and being able to do bespoke is such a good idea that way the customer can get what they want and feel so special. Have a good week

    1. Thanks Caroline

      I love it when a customer tells the story of their pet & how they would love something so personal either because they're unique like the malamute or an unusual colour/breed. Really makes me happy to know that the customer finally can get what they have been looking for for so long!

  3. Where else indeedy can you get a one ear Malamute except from somebody who lovingly crafts it, that's what's so great about handcrafting you can design exactly what the customer wants...brilliant! Those butterflies are perfect.

    1. Well where indeed! Thanks for your comments - I love the butterflies & customers seem to too. Trying to think of some new colour combinations now...

  4. The business sign thing is such a good idea. I also love the little daisy-type flowers. I totally agree that buying handmade is the best thing ever and Facebook isn't. I'll happily stand corrected if someone can show me it is - I am convinced I'm missing a trick somewhere!!

    1. So glad it isn't just me Wendy! At least we can keep each other company in the 'confused' corner!!

  5. I love the worm... he looks so happy :)

  6. Hi Ali, I too have been a very bad blogger during the latter end of 2011. I have handed my letter to the teacher and as it was due to family bereavement, I have been let off from detention, but have been told that I must now get back on track, knuckle down and catch up with everyone.
    I am on facebook and can manage quite well, but have no idea about Twitter. we'll have to swap tips.
    Love the new designs and especially the rainbow worm. May I ask , when you do a personalised design do you design from a photo.? I would like one of my dog.
    Hugs Sue x

    1. Hi Sue

      Sorry to hear about your family bereavement. We'll have to try to keep each other on track with blogging! As for facebook ??? I just don't get it - with Twitter I just starting following & chatting with people and have made some great friends & contacts on there.

      With regards to a design of your dog, I can either work from an existing design which is coloured to match your dog or from a photo directly (as long as the photo is nice & clear) which will cost a little more due to the extra time involved. I'll e-mail you about it...

      Ali x

  7. Love the one eared malamute, what a great idea especially for a front door if you have a large glass window in it. The butterflies are very pretty and I love the multicoloured caterpillar. x

  8. Doing custom is a great idea. People will be happy with what they have knowing you went out of your way to give them something special. If it makes you feel better I keep lacking on the blog front recently. I keep saying I will get organised... but of course I never do.

  9. I got a facebook page to go alongside my blog but I have not really set it up! I used to have a personal blog but has changed so much in that short time and am also a bit confused! You have some really beautiful designs, think the company logo idea is great!

  10. Just received the smaller version of my advert 'stephenmolephotos' Thanks again for you bespoke design and great service!!

  11. Hi Ali

    ive just liked your facebook page :)
    maybe if you spend some time looking around FB, you will like this page more :) communities, groups, sharing links and statuses - all for someone who likes networking keeping in touch with their fans/readers.
    myself, by contrast, dont like twitter very much, all those tweeted links to posts are simply getting on my nerves! all i get to see there are pages of linked retweets. boring! :P
    maybe one day ill discover that "goodness" of twitter but at the moments i cant see it now :)

    love your new fresh springy designs. the butterflies are so nice!
    keep up the good work, Ali :)


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