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Monday, 19 December 2011

And So This is Christmas...

... And what have you done?

Well, I have finally finished the craft fair and markets for the year and after just about thawing out now from being on a very cold Bromley High Street last Friday and Saturday, I am happy that the cold hasn't brought on a relapse of my Winter cold!

Christmas is fast approaching and I am now feeling a little more relaxed now that the tree is up and glistening and twinkling in the corner of the living room and the freezer and fridge are stocked ready to be raided over the festive period.   A couple of orders picked up at the weekend need to be done but fortunately these are not for Christmas presents so the pressure is off a little as I am hearing the postal service is particularly slow at the moment which bearing in mind the volume of post which must be winging its way across the country at this time of year isn't really surprising!

So, I have managed to resist turning the house into an offshoot of Santa's Grotto (hubby is good at reigning me in and putting the lid back on the decorations box just in time!) and the cats are slowly getting used to the plethora of cute Christmas animals and toys which seem to pop up at this time of year.  The tree is certainly holding a great fascination with all the shiny 'toys' which dangle and can be batted with a paw to make them jangle.   Blinky has decided that he is 'Guardian of The Tree' and spends quite a bit of time lying under it in a protective pose.

January is a quiter time for me for fairs (although I have just booked on at the end of January - can't stay away for too long, you know!) so I am hoping to have lots of new designs and themes for 2012, of course if there is anything you would like to see/purchase, please let me know - I am always happy to get feedback and suggestions!

So may I take this opportunity to wish everyone a very

and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

I probably won't be blogging much over the Christmas period as I busy myself on Christmas morning basting a huge turkey every 20 minutes, trying not to murder the sprouts and other veggies and sharing far too many bottles a glass of the sparkly stuff with family whilst unwrapping presents and singing along to many a corny Christmas ditty and playing lots of games which don't see the light of day at any other time of year (such a shame - I love playing games like charades, quizzes, scrabble, the logo game, cranium and anything else you throw at me!)

Don't forget to head on over to Handmade Monday to see how everyone else is doing at this busy time and maybe find some great new shops for next year.

See you all in 2012...


  1. Well remember the cats and Christmas decorations fun you described!

    Have a great festive season :-)


  2. Enjoy your fizz with the family!! Have a great Xmas xx

  3. A well deserved rest, Have a very Happy Christmas

  4. I like the Santa father's beard very much. The wave is very pretty. Merry Christmas!

  5. Well done Ali - hope you get time to put your feet up. I love games too - great fun and everyone's interpretation of them is hilarious. I hope you have a very happy Christmas.

  6. I love the reindeer, that would look great on an attic window or even an upstairs window so it looks like he's flying. If I get my new house next year I'll definitely be ordering some of these from you. Enjoy the rest. Merry Christmas. x

  7. Just been admiring your Christmas tree over at Christmas Pie Crafts. It looks great on her conservatroy door. I hadn't appreciated that they were peel offs!!!! Have fun basting the Turkey and cooking the sprouts. Happy Crihstmas and New Year to you. Hugs Mrs A.

  8. Have a great Christmas and New Year Ali - Mich x

  9. Enjoy the festive break. We should get together for a game of scrabble ;-)

  10. I put my tree up this weekend and I too needed reigning in regards the rest of the decorations. Enjoy your time off from the fairs, next year sounds like it may be a busy one, with the Jubilee and the Olympics as well as all the usual things.
    Have a great Christmas and best wishes for 2012.

    Jan x

  11. Hope you have a fabulous Christmas, look forward to reading your blog in the new year. xx

  12. Lovely things to share with us at the end of the year! Have a lovely Christmas.
    Jo x


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