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Monday, 10 October 2011

Great Weekend

Wow how lucky were we this past weekend!  The Autumn Countryside show at the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum in Singleton, near Chichester was fantastic.   Alongside displays by birds of prey, gundogs and plenty of stalls offering everything from clothing to the best stained glass window clings (tee hee) many exhibitors were demonstrating the countryside crafts which are at risk of dying out and it was great to see youngsters really enjoying making their own woven wicker toys - what a wonderful way to keep these crafts alive and hopefully encourage a whole new generation to take an interest.

Birds of Prey - the peelable variety!
Whats more, we were blessed with warm weather, lots of beautiful sunshine on Sunday and lots of visitors (many with a myriad of absolutely gorgeous doggies to say hello to!)   The only fly in the ointment was the blustery winds which hit the back of our gazebo like a freight train every now and again just to keep us on our toes but fortunately didn't cause any problems.

This was our last outdoor show of the year - well apart from the numerous visits to Bromley Market between now and Christmas (which fortunately have the stalls provided) and October is always a risky month as far as weather is concerned but for once the Weather Gods were on our side!

Our Christmas decorations are now fully integrated into our stall and whilst the hotter weather doesn't exactly bring forth thoughts of snowmen and winter wonderlands, it really isn't that long away and my Christmas fairs start in earnest in a couple of weeks at Lancing College.  

Lancing College - come and see us on 22nd & 23rd October
Next weekend is going to be filled with stock building ahead of some big shows before the end of the year and I am sure Santa, holly, candles, snowmen and various animals will feature heavily.

I am hoping to also have some new designs for Christmas 2011 so pop along next week to see how this is going...

Of course it is Monday so head on over to Handmade Monday to see what everyone else has been up to.


  1. Glad the weather was good to you Ali - makes such a difference to both stallholder and customer. Love your hawk, he is gorgeous. Oh well, back to the clearing out..............

  2. Sounds like you fared better with the weather than we did at the weekend and you had a good time. Hopefully going to be a bussy few months for you.
    Yes, Dino cards were really nice. They will still get them but from a different donor. lol. Wish I had taken a pic of them now.

  3. Your weather sounds better then it was up here. Love the bird of prey - it's amazing how much detail goes into your designs.

  4. Glad your event was succesful and you had good weather.

    Can it really be that close to Christmas? Eek!!

    Alison x

  5. Where did the time go! See you soon at Lancing!

    Joy x

  6. Glad you had a good weekend... now what was that about Christmas... what is it almost here... LOL :)

  7. great painting, i admire your even lines and details. this prey bird is magnificent! well done!
    its time for me to paint something with glass paints, ive got some comissions waiting! and its half term break coming soon!

  8. It's so much nicer when the weather is good, I'm glad you had a good week end despite the wind. Your bird is very effective, a lot of peeps like these designs on the window to keep smaller birds from crashing into them.

    Jan x

  9. Lucky you with the good weather! Lovely bird of prey - eeek Christmas is coming very quickly! Mich x

  10. That eagle is stunning. We had awful weather this weekend, blustery is a good word for it, wind up to 50 mph or so and rain. Glad you had some good weather. I am so tired of rain.

  11. Brilliant Art work as always Ali,
    Love that majestic bird of prey. xxx

  12. Looking forward to seeing your Christmas designs! Love the detail on your hawk - especially his mean looking beak :)

    Have a lovely week. Anna xx

  13. Glad you had a great weekend Christmas seems to come earlier every year and we crafters need to be prepared early good luck with your fairs xx


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