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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Football, Tennis & Sunny Days!

If you hate sport, this month must be a nightmare come true!!  What with the World Cup, Wimbledon, US Open Golf and Cricket ODIs too!  OK, so I can definitely live without cricket but the rest I enjoy watching. 

If you think tennis is boring, what about the amazing record-breaking tennis match between Isner and Mahut - at the time of writing this, they are just about to go back onto the court for the third day (10 hours playing so far) at 59 games each in the fifth and final set!  The mental and physical stamina required to play at the top of your ability for that long (in this heat too) is incredible - neither of them deserves to lose!

Fortunately, I don't mind sport at all and am loving this World Cup, despite the fact that as an England fan, there have been far too many squeaky-bum moments for my liking!

Grudge matches happen all the time and it really shouldn't have come as any surprise that our next match is against our old football-foes, Germany!   Sadly, as this game takes place at 3pm on Sunday, hubby and I won't be able to watch it live as we will be manning our stall at Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre in Gillingham, Kent until 4pm then of course there is the packing up to be done before we can get home.   I'm guessing that it is going to be pretty deserted from 3pm onwards but hopefully lots of people will be suitably disinterested in football and will come out to do there shopping when there are likely to be no queues!

The big question is, do we record the match and try to avoid hearing any scores and watch it when we get home or try to listen to as much as possible on the way home?

This hot weather is still creating the sweaty-knee syndrome (see last post!) which is not nice and unfortunately one of our cats is suffering badly so a trip to the vets is in order tomorrow morning to try to make her more comfortable before preparing ourselves for what is likely to be a very hot day on Saturday outside in our gazebo at the wonderful Nutley Village Day.  Still, I guess I would be complaining if it was cold and raining!

I have been creating new designs frantically each week to give as much variety and choice to my ever-increasing number of loyal customers (thank you to you all!) and the Diddy Designs series has increased to 11 different designs!  

One of my new favourites has to be the Diddy Dolphin

Diddy Dolphin - £2.00

and of the standard size designs, I am loving the Pretty Kitty and Campervan

Pretty Kitty - £6.99                    Campervan - £5.99

But they are just my personal favourites, why not check out all the designs and get your own favourite designs at www.studiocrafts.net

And if you are in the area this weekend, please do come along and see us either at Nutley or Gillingham - perhaps you are not interested in the football match on Sunday which makes it a perfect time to shop!

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot....



  1. I vote you record it and try not to hear any scores or comments! We've done it - but for baseball. It CAN be done! Then you can watch it properly after you get home, and yell and cheer.

    Is this Blinky you're taking to the vet? Hope all is well...Pumpkin says hi! (I'm so silly.)

  2. Hi Susan

    It was Misty with the problem but both went along as they needed their booster shots too (we always take both even if only one is being seen - the other comes as moral support!)

    Fortunately, the shot she had for her cystitis seems to be working (slowly but surely) and neither seem to mind their shots so hopefully we won't need to see the vet again for another year!

    Still not sure about tomorrow and the footy - I am planning on sneaking in my little handheld TV to have on in the corner of the stall!

    Say Hi to Pumpkin & the rest of the brood - I hope Hunter is on the mend too.


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