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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Bye Bye Hours of Entertaining!

Isn't technology a wonderful thing - until it goes wrong!   My hubby and I record lots of our favourite programmes on the fantastic SKY+ box and then have mammoth viewing sessions to catch up on all the episodes of our favourite programmes such as Bones, Criminal Minds, 24, Brothers & Sisters and such like...

Entertainment for all the family

Having both been working all hours lately we were starting to hit a bit of a problem with only 1% of space left!   Fortunately, after watching a few of the programmes that I like but hubby isn't too bothered about, I was thrilled to get it back to 15% - more than enough for the weekend's programmes when we will be out at fairs.

However, yesterday the TV was not happy - the sound and pictures were jumpy and I kept getting error messages saying there was no signal getting to the box.  I turned it off, then on, then off, then on again all to no avail.  So a call to tech support was required.  Fortunately, I got through to one of the most wonderful and helpful people I have ever had the pleasure to speak to (thank you Sarah Jane!!) who spent over an hour working through every possible fix to see if we could sort it out - it improved for a while but then was back to the jumping and error messages (her notes extended to over 2 pages she told me; there were more error codes on there than you could shake a stick at!)

Eventually it was decided that a service engineer would have to be called out and possibly the box would have to be changed.  But what about my hours and hours of recorded programmes?  There is no way we can watch them all before the engineer comes on Tuesday!  Well, I had no need to worry about that - somewhere during the many reboots/rebuilds, they were all wiped!

Oh, no - I had to break the news to my hubby (it is a bit of a running joke between us that he would record the test page if it was still in existance!!)  fortunately, he was very understanding so I needn't have worried.   So now we need to try to see how many episodes are available online and decide whether to try watching them there or wait for the inevitable repeats!!

Roll on Tuesday - watching programmes is really frustrating when the picture freezes at those tense moments!  Boy, you only realise how much you rely on something when it isn't there anymore, don't you!


  1. Well that's just awful - I would be upset for sure! These tech things should not be allowed to go wonky!

    My husband loves to watch Bones, too. He watches it on his computer somehow. That and Fringe.

    Hope all will soon be well!

  2. The same thing happened to us, twice!!!! It is most frustrating. Our Sky box went out of guarantee and started going funny again so we decided to go for the free HD box sky is currently offering. We worked out a new box would be around £200 but paying £10 a month to have the HD box would only cost us £120 for the first year and then we can cancel it after the year but keep the box as we are entitled to do. Still doesn't help when you have lost all your programmes but the new HD Box is apparently a lot more reliable than the original Sky Plus ones.


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